A glitch in the Matrix? Woman freaks out after seeing her chickens acting VERY strangely

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  • Life coach Brianna Antionette posted nan video of her chickens connected TikTok
  • The birds froze for much than 2 minutes and refused to move 
  • Commentators suggested nan birds were stiff successful fear   

By Emma Saletta For Dailymail.Com

Published: 15:09 EST, 29 November 2023 | Updated: 15:21 EST, 29 November 2023

A female is convinced location was 'a glitch successful nan matrix' aft her chickens stopped moving and remained successful spot for much than 2 minutes.

Brianna Antionette posted a TikTok yesterday of her feeding astatine slightest 5 quiet chickens that sprinted distant conscionable seconds into nan clip.

The birds abruptly stopped moving astatine nan aforesaid clip and remained successful spot adjacent a shiny greenish ray contempt Antionette's attempts to get them to move.

The life coach couldn't judge her eyes and kept wondering what was causing nan birds to frost successful time.

When she yelled, 'Nick,' nan chickens began moving again arsenic if thing had happened, leaving her dumbfounded.

Brianna Antionette posted a TikTok yesterday of her feeding astatine slightest 5 quiet chickens that abruptly stopped moving astatine nan aforesaid time

The life coach had nary thought what was going connected and many times yelled 'chickens' while nan birds remained successful place

The chickens remained still for much than 2 minutes contempt Antionette's attempts to get them to move

Antionette was not nan only TikToker amazed by her chickens, pinch 1 calling it 'the mannequin challenge.'

One personification commented: 'Ummmm this is for illustration nan champion grounds I’ve seen for a glitch successful nan matrix.'

'The group controlling nan matrix wholly freaking retired trying to hole nan glitch,' different TikToker commented.

Other users compared nan video to 'Simon Says' and 1 personification moreover suggested they were playing Squid Games. 

'They were playing SQUID GAMES - they’re connected reddish ray you jus person to opportunity “green light” & they’ll move,' a TikToker wrote.

Other users suggested that nan logic why Antionette's chickens froze was because of fear, specifically from hawks.

If chickens do consciousness predators for illustration hawks, they will extremity moving successful bid to protect their underbellies called nan chickenhearted submissive squat.

People are convinced that what happened was 'a glitch successful nan matrix' aliases that nan chickens wanted to play Squid Games aliases nan mannequin challenge

TikTok users were shocked to spot each of nan chickens extremity astatine once, but immoderate members were not fooled, and explained nan apt logic why Antionette's chickens froze successful place

Another 'glitch successful nan matrix' incident that occurred past April was of water streaming down a sheet of metallic astatine a unusual speed. 

A video of this 'glitch' was posted connected Reddit by an unnamed personification that societal media users opportunity doesn't travel physics. 

'They sewage to hole this bug,' nan personification wrote successful nan caption.

Other Reddit users besides referred to nan h2o watercourse arsenic 'a glitch' and made references to The Matrix and Harry Potter films. 

In reality, nan overseas h2o watercourse was because of hydrophobicity - the spot of a molecule that is repelled from water.

'Water is simply a polar constituent and creates anemic hydrogen bonds pinch different molecules of itself - this makes h2o "sticky". That sticky value mixed pinch a hydrophobic aboveground (the metal) leads to what you’re seeing,' a Reddit personification wrote.

Besides metal, different surfaces that could lead h2o to watercourse chaotically include  alkanes, oils, fats, and greasy substances.