5 Ways Financial Services Firms Can Boost Their Cloud Outcomes

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To maximize worth and accelerate costs benefits, organizations request a much coordinated ... [+] enterprise-wide migration strategy.


For astir financial services firms, nan migration to nan unreality is acold from done. Four retired of five banking executives said they intend to push nan stock of halfway workloads migrated to nan unreality from 7% to beyond 50% successful nan adjacent 2 to 5 years, according to investigation from Accenture released successful January. Yet nan toughest challenges dishonesty up arsenic barriers astir bequest infrastructure, information and compliance risks, and a deficiency of updated method skills proceed to hamper firms’ efforts.

While banks, insurers and superior markets players stay committed to moving cardinal workloads and applications to nan cloud, nan process is analyzable and requires a coordinated strategy to beryllium successful. To execute their desired outcomes, these organizations person to first flooded cardinal symptom points that are hindering their progress.

Based connected my acquisition moving pinch financial institutions, location are 3 reasons why galore struggle pinch their halfway strategy migration:

  1. Executives are concerned that unreality vendors won’t beryllium capable to lucifer nan superb resilience that their mainframe gives them;
  2. The applications moving connected nan bequest infrastructure thin to beryllium aged and request to beryllium modernized arsenic portion of nan migration process; and
  3. It’s difficult to get a short-term costs use until you move everything disconnected nan mainframe and decommission it.

As an organization’s unreality migration progresses, nan challenges go greater. Despite nan acquisition gained from piecemeal efforts, nan complexity and sheer standard of halfway workload migration amplify astir if not each of nan barriers listed above.

One origin for optimism is that nan much an statement commits to cloud, nan much apt it is to execute nan outcomes it expects. Across each industries, Accenture’s investigation recovered that 47% of firms that are dense adopters of unreality are afloat achieving their expected outcomes, compared pinch 36% of mean adopters and 21% of debased adopters. As a increasing number of financial services firms ramp up their unreality take levels they tin reasonably expect their restitution to turn successful tandem.

Another encouraging uncovering is that nan result achieved by astir organizations is business enablement. This spans capabilities specified arsenic data, analytics, AI and innovation, and promises nan top worth upside: enhancing customer engagement done integer capabilities and boosting gross arsenic a consequence.

At nan different extremity of nan standard is costs savings, nan origin of astir unreality adopters’ top disappointment. The returns are taking longer than expected to select through, partially because nan transitions were isolated events but, much importantly, because an incomplete migration results successful avoidable redundancy.

Ultimately, to maximize worth and accelerate costs benefits, organizations request a much coordinated enterprise-wide migration strategy. Here are 5 steps they tin take:

1. Use nan afloat powerfulness of nan unreality to summation a business advantage. Prioritize usage cases according to time-to-value and align investments pinch emerging business strategies.

2. Unleash caller worth from information and AI. Data excellence is nan caller competitory frontier, for financial services arsenic good arsenic astir different industries. Success will dangle connected nan expertise to tie insights from crossed nan endeavor that alteration labor to activity smarter and much efficiently, customers to interact much meaningfully, and operations to go much automated. AI tin play a domiciled successful accelerating nan unreality migration arsenic well.

3. Design and orchestrate crossed nan continuum of cloud, which encompasses a powerful scope of capabilities from nationalist to separator and everything successful between. This continuum allows nan unreality to beryllium regarded not arsenic a azygous fixed destination but arsenic an operating exemplary and a strategical enabler. Success hinges connected nan expertise to adopt nan correct operation of capabilities and services that nan continuum offers.

4. Discover caller opportunities. Technology unsocial won’t prolong unreality value. To thrive successful nan cloud, businesses request their group to reimagine their operating model, processes and products. They request to research and seizure nan caller possibilities gained by shedding nan constraints of nan bequest system. This ranges from ways of moving and engaging customers, to modernizing organizational culture.

5. Strive to maestro unreality economics. In an situation of expanding unreality complexity, firms tin summation a batch by controlling unreality spend. This requires not only transparency and oversight, but besides shifting nan speech from nan costs to nan worth of cloud. Both perspectives are basal for a complete, balanced picture.

None of these are easy, and nan bad news is they’re each basal if firms are to adjacent nan spread betwixt their expectations of nan unreality and nan outcomes they achieve. There is understandable executive impatience to recognize nan anticipated outcomes, but yet nan results are hard-earned.

Many financial services companies, though, are achieving terrific milestones. One illustration is Capital One, which has been 1 of nan leaders successful unreality migration for nan industry. The slope near its information centers down and shifted onto nan nationalist unreality to thief create superior and much personalized customer experiences.

Cloud has shown many times that it tin present powerful outcomes—certainly efficiency, but much importantly amended customer engagement, nan enablement of invention and greater agility. The instrumentality is to place why it sometimes falls short aliases takes excessively agelong and to return pre-emptive steps to guarantee these obstacles are eliminated aliases side-stepped.

Ultimately it takes a committedness from activity to align nan business pinch its unreality goals and show a patient determination to travel through.

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