49ers star Brandon Aiyuk's girlfriend paints grim picture of offseason life for NFL WAGs after a Super Bowl loss: 'Anger will be taken out on us'

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San Francisco 49ers prima Brandon Aiyuk's woman has opened up connected nan tolls of being an NFL woman aliases woman during nan offseason, particularly dealing pinch their partner's anger aft losing nan Super Bowl. 

The 49ers, who had been nan favorites, suffered a heartbreaking nonaccomplishment astatine Super Bowl LVIII Sunday erstwhile nan Kansas City Chiefs scored a winning touchdown successful nan dying seconds of overtime. 

Rochelle Searight, who has been making love nan wide receiver since their assemblage days, worryingly suggested that players' vexation complete nan nonaccomplishment could beryllium taken retired connected their partners.

Searight, who shares a boy with Aiyuk, besides claimed that NFL WAGs are 'put to work' erstwhile nan offseason rolls around. 

'For each you group who dislike connected NFL girlfriends and wives, conjecture what our occupation is now? The offseason is here, we are waiting connected them manus and foot,' she said successful a since-deleted TikTok video.

 Brandon Aiyuk's woman claimed NFL players tin return their anger retired connected their partners

Aiyuk and nan 49ers suffered a heartbreaking nonaccomplishment astatine Super Bowl LVIII against nan Chiefs

'Just took a nonaccomplishment successful nan Super Bowl, we're going to beryllium dealing pinch temper swings. A batch of anger whitethorn beryllium taken retired connected america but you conscionable can't return it personally. 

'They're home, now we sewage to do nan cooking, much cleaning. We've sewage a large job, particularly nan NFL wives and girlfriends pinch kids. 

'Y'all wonderment why we conscionable station america having fun, it's conscionable during nan season. Do you cognize what goes connected during nan offseason? We are put to work. We are individual assistants. That's why we bask ourselves while we can.' 

Searight appears to person since taken nan video down but societal media users had already begun to definitive their interest pinch immoderate interpreting her comments astir players taking retired their anger to beryllium a cloaked hint astatine abuse. 

However, she was speedy to unopen down nan rumors, replying to 1 remark that read, '"A batch of anger whitethorn beryllium taken retired connected us" for illustration that shouldn't beryllium normal.'

'Y'all request to relax. I'm talking astir dealing pinch their angry emotions aft a reliable loss. If he's stepping astir made 1 time retired of nowhere, I'm gonna person to woody pinch it (like immoderate normal couple) nary this does not mean maltreatment LOL BYE,' Searight responded. 

She besides addressed her comments astir housework, insisting her fellow deserves for her to hold connected him. 

'Yes, I already cook, clean, hold on  my man each play (bc he deserves it and has done thing but dainty maine for illustration a queen) but erstwhile offseason comes and they're HOME location nan magnitude I person to do is truthful amped up,' she said.

Rochelle Searight, an influencer and cosmetologist, shares a boy pinch nan wide receiver

'He is hit up, tired and HEALING. That intends a heavier load connected mom while he takes clip to do that. 


Searight has been making love Aiyuk since astatine slightest 2018 pinch nan mates reportedly gathering astatine Arizona State University. They welcomed their boy Braylon successful 2020.

She besides hinted successful different TikTok video that they could beryllium group to time off nan Bay Area aft nan Niners' Super Bowl loss. 

'This mightiness beryllium nan past time that we touch ft connected Levi's Stadium, maine and Brandon,' she said. 'Because we mightiness not beryllium retired present adjacent season.'

Aiyuk will not beryllium a free supplier this offseason aft nan Niners picked up nan 25-year-old's fifth-year action past April, meaning he would person to beryllium traded successful bid to depart Levi's Stadium.

Searight has been making love Aiyuk since astatine slightest 2018 pinch nan mates gathering astatine college

If he stays put, Aiyuk would beryllium successful statement to person an yearly net of $14million.

The California-born prima dropped a cryptic connection connected his Instagram relationship aft Sunday's Super Bowl heartbreak, penning connected Instagram: 'Don't hide what sewage you there' on pinch eyeball emojis.

Aiyuk has enjoyed 4 seasons pinch nan Niners aft being drafted arsenic a first-round prime backmost successful 2020.

He has proven a cardinal personnel of their discourtesy ever since, registering 3,931 yards and 25 touchdowns successful 4 seasons - including a career-best 75 catches for 1,342 yards and 7 touchdowns successful 2023.

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