2 officers, suspect dead after shootout in Syracuse, N.Y. suburb

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Two officers and a fishy are dormant aft a shootout Sunday nighttime successful Liverpool, N.Y., a suburb of Syracuse, authorities say.

Syracuse Police Chief Joseph Cecile told a news convention that astatine astir 7 p.m., 2 Syracuse officers "initiated a postulation extremity connected a suspicious vehicle" that took off. The officers "lost show of nan vehicle" but were capable "to way it to an reside successful Liverpool" via its licence plate.

According to Cecile, astatine a small aft 8 p.m., Syracuse officers and deputies from nan Onondaga County Sheriff's Office sewage to nan reside and were inspecting nan suspicious conveyance erstwhile they saw what they thought were firearms inside. Then, shots abruptly rang retired and location was "an speech of gunfire."

Cecile said a Syracuse serviceman and a deputy, on pinch nan suspect, were deed and brought to a hospital, wherever each were pronounced dead. There was nary connection connected whether anyone other was wounded.

Cecile said nan serviceman who was killed had astir 3 years connected nan job. Onondaga County Sheriff Toby Shelley told reporters nan slain lawman was "seasoned" and "very well-liked successful his community. ... (He was) conscionable a awesome guy."  

Cecile said, "We mislaid 2 heroes tonight."

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh called it a "dark day" for his city, "our worst nightmare travel true. Our thoughts correct now are pinch nan families of those 2 officers. Those heroes."

"Every clip thing for illustration this happens, group travel together nary matter wherever they're from," Sheriff Shelley said, according to PapaRead Syracuse connection WTVH. "It's a challenge. I don't attraction if you person 20 years connected nan occupation aliases one, it's a challenge."  

Liverpool is 1 of 5 mini suburban communities successful nan municipality of Salina, according to Salina's website.  

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