11 million more HRT prescriptions are handed out in the past year following Mail campaign calling for greater access to treatments

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  • Campaign by TV characteristic Davina McCall has helped summation awareness 

By Xantha Leatham Deputy Science Editor For The Daily Mail

Published: 18:25 EDT, 26 October 2023 | Updated: 18:52 EDT, 26 October 2023

Almost 11million menopause prescriptions were handed retired successful nan past twelvemonth — aft a Daily Mail run calling for greater entree to treatments.

There was a 47 per cent summation successful prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) compared pinch 2021-22, charismatic figures show.

HRT helps menopausal women suffering from symptoms specified arsenic debased mood, basking flushes, worry and trouble sleeping.

The emergence follows an unprecedented summation successful prescriptions successful nan past fewer years, partially owed to nan 'Davina effect'.

TV characteristic Davina McCall has released a bid of documentaries astir nan menopause which, on pinch nan efforts of campaigners, has led to an tremendous summation successful awareness.

TV characteristic Davina McCall has raised consciousness of nan rumor done a bid of documentaries astir nan menopause

National HRT shortages besides led to a Mail campaign, launched past year, which called for much women to beryllium made alert of symptoms and curen options.

Less than a period aft nan run launch, nan Government made it easier for pharmacists to substitute HRT treatments if definite narcotics were retired of stock. An HRT curen was besides made disposable over-the-counter successful a landmark UK first, and a strategy redeeming menopausal women much than £200 a twelvemonth came into unit earlier this year. 

The caller figures, released successful a study by nan NHS Business Services Authority, besides uncover an estimated 2.3 cardinal identifiable patients were prescribed HRT narcotics successful 2022-23 – a 29 per cent summation connected nan erstwhile twelvemonth – pinch women aged 50 to 54 nan largest group of patients.

The study besides highlighted that much than doubly arsenic galore patients were prescribed HRT narcotics successful nan slightest deprived areas compared pinch nan most. 

A chart showing really prescriptions for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) person soared since 2015

Menopause campaigner Diane Danzebrink said: 'It is disappointing to spot nan disparity. This intelligibly indicates nan request for a nationalist campaign.'

Earlier this month, campaigners called for women to get free menopause wellness checks astatine 40. 

Cross-party MPs and peers person besides asked for nan 'discussion and diagnosis' of menopause to beryllium included successful a mid-life MOT for women. The all-party parliamentary group besides said GPs should beryllium incentivised to diagnose nan menopause.

Health Minister Maria Caulfield meantime says nan Government is considering adding nan menopause to conditions GPs are assessed on.

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