1-year-old ‘miracle baby’ survives 2 days alone in ditch near where brother’s body is found

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A 1-year-old "miracle baby" survived 2 days successful a ditch on a Louisiana highway, a fewer miles from wherever nan assemblage of his 4-year-old relative was found, authorities said.

The children's mother, Aaliyah N. Jack, was arrested astatine a train position successful Mississippi "trying to get retired of town," Calcasieu Sheriff Stitch Guillory said astatine a news convention Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities successful Louisiana were alerted Monday day astir a assemblage recovered successful nan h2o down the Vinton Welcome Center, a remainder extremity successful Calcasieu Parish. The assemblage was identified arsenic belonging to a 4-year-old child.

A origin of decease has not been determined.

Guillory said deputies sent retired a media merchandise seeking thief successful identifying nan child. A personification contacted nan sheriff's agency and said they had not seen immoderate members of their family and believed nan kid could beryllium their relative.

During nan investigation, authorities learned that nan 4-year-old had been past seen pinch Jack and his 1-year-old brother. The sheriff's agency did not merchandise nan names of nan children.

An alert was issued to adjacent rule enforcement agencies to beryllium connected nan lookout for Jack, nan sheriff said, and an apprehension warrant was issued for nonaccomplishment to study a missing child.

Jack was arrested Monday nighttime by Meridian, Mississippi, constabulary officers without her 1-year-old son. Meridian constabulary declined to remark connected nan case.

The 1-year-old was recovered live Tuesday greeting aft a motortruck driver spotted nan babe disconnected of Interstate-10. NBC connection KPLC of Lake Charles reported that nan ditch was a fewer miles from nan 4-year-old's assemblage was found.

Guillory said video showed nan babe crawling toward nan highway.

"We looked astatine this 1-year-old arsenic our occurrence babe because he was still alive. Unbelievable," nan sheriff said. "This kid spent 2 days retired successful nan upwind connected nan broadside of nan highway. Thank God that trucker seen him."

The babe had a fewer insect bites but is "in bully spirits," nan sheriff told reporters. He was taken to nan infirmary for an information and will beryllium placed successful nan custody of kid protective services.

Minyvonne Burke

Minyvonne Burke is a elder breaking news newsman for NBC News.

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