1.7M without power in Texas as dangerous heat follows in Beryl’s wake

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Melissa Hunziker, from Houston, is conscionable astir coping successful nan power pinch nary power: "Our location is really beautiful cool, correct now, but we cognize that will alteration quickly ahead."

"We’ve sewage a portable instrumentality that is chargeable artillery operated. So that helped past night, but we won’t astir apt enactment different night," she said.

It's not conscionable nan powerfulness shortage, but nan nonaccomplishment of cellphone connectivity that is difficult to woody with, making emergency accusation difficult to reach, Hunziker said.

Kassie Rieger and Keaton Cravens were retired successful Houston to connection thief to those successful need. “We conscionable dream group are saying, safe and doing what they tin to thief their neighbors that they person nan champion imaginable to do that," Rieger told NBC News.

CenterPoint Energy, nan main supplier for nan Greater Houston area, said successful a connection Tuesday nighttime that it had restored powerfulness to 850,000 customers since Beryl arrived, 1 3rd of nan full affected. The institution said its unit walked 4,500 miles connected ft to cheque circuits, pinch thief from chopper and drone surveillance.

More than half of nan 2.1 cardinal power customers successful Harris County were without powerfulness connected Tuesday afternoon, nan company's online locator shows. The main elements of CenterPoint's power strategy stay intact, nan connection said, including its transmission towers and substations. 

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